Riders For Autism

We are Riders for Autism, Inc., a non profit (501 c(3)), organized in California, founded by myself, Mac Brey, my wife Coral Brey, and members of the biker community. We founded Riders for Autism after our autistic nephew, Liam age 9, moved in our home. Liam is non-verbal and likes to flip on and off switches and turn dials which translates to the water heater getting turned off only to be discovered early in the morning. 

Although humorous we really had no idea how we could help him with his development.  His mother found a place for him in public schools but his progress was limited because we really did not know how to help him.  We appreciate the teachers and their hard work and dedication however he needed specialized help and we had no idea where to get it for him. 


That is why Riders for Autism came to fruition.  We decided to hold a series of events where we could get all of the options together to give information to those, who like us, had no idea what we were looking for.  The ultimate goal is to raise funds for autism research and treatment. The Route 66 Charity Ride gives the biker community the opportunity to be part of a positive event.

591 E Valley Blvd
Colton, San Bernardino CA 92324

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